Evolving experiences in plastic materials for blown film extrusion



Company founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of textile machines, TECOM approached the market of producers of blown film extrusion lines since the early 70s.

For several years the company has specialized in the production of small lines called monobloc and medium-sized extrusion lines. This type of extrusion lines, still present in numerous processing companies, was suitable for the production of small and medium runs of film and tubulars mainly absorbed by local market.

TECOM’s philosophy is still based on the reliability of its machines over time, on the service provided to the customer and on the customization of the extrusion lines. Another peculiarity of TECOM’s machines is flexibility in order to switch from one material to another or frequently change sizes in very short time.

From the end of the 1980s TECOM, supported by a new technical management, began to produce extrusion lines with ever greater technological content suitable for high production and quality required from the market. New technologies have been developed for higher film productions, also in HDPE, with or without internal bubble cooling (IBC), extruders screws with diameter up to 120 mm and fixed or rotating extrusion heads with diameter dies up to 1000 mm.

All these innovations have been introduced without neglecting the initial philosophy of the company, adding other values such as reducing energy consumption, increasing performance and protecting the environment.

Increasing day by day the know-how technologies, TECOM is today on the market with a wide products portfolio suitable for the production of single and multilayer blown film able to process all types of polyolefins, biodegradable and compostable polymers and recycled materials.

Reliability and technology over time

In 2019, thanks to the common goal in developing new technologies, a new synergy was born in the extrusion field:  TECOM becomes part of UNION family, expanding the Group portfolio with solutions for production of film, foil, both rigid and expanded sheet and honeycomb profiles for different application fields.

TECOM’s philosophy is based on the reliability over time of its blown film extrusion lines. Over the years, we developed extrusion lines with ever greater technological content, increasing productivity and processing quality, minimizing energy consumption. 

TECOM’s philosophy is based on customer service and extrusion lines customization. Thanks to a trained team of designers and technicians, to state-of-the-art IT systems, TECOM is able to offer a wide range of extrusion lines characterized by strong customization, constant innovation and high quality standards.

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